Other Graduate Programs

Don’t see your program listed? Let us help you create a customized package to prepare your application for whichever specialized program you are considering.

Call or email us now to see how our admissions experts can assist you in applying to the program of your choice. We have a large database of courses and proigrams so we are confident we can find the right choice of education for anyone. Once we determine the courses you can apply for, we can assist you with every step of the application process to ensure you have the best chance of acceptance avaailble. Thinking about applying for a Master’s degree in Public Administration or Public Policy? Or what about a Master of Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Social Work? Application Prep has qualified consultants and valuable research data in a wide array of disciplines that can be made accessible to you. Let us help you streamline the admissions process and receive admission to the program of your choice. Application Prep offers a wide range of services including strategy sessions to plot out your admissions pathway, essay brainstorming and review sessions, interview preparation geared toward providing you the practice you need to answer both simple and complex admissions interview questions, and application guidance sessions in which our consultants help you phrase each short answer correctly and list activities and accomplishments in order to optimize your competitiveness against other applicants.

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