Getting admitted to Joint Degree Dental Programs requires:
apply to dental school



More than ever, highly motivated high school students are pursuing joint degree dental programs in an effort to secure admission to dental school and avoid the uncertainty of applying after college. Understanding the subtle differences among integrated dental programs is important in ensuring that the applicant is admitted to dental school as a high school senior, and not simply given an opportunity to apply after sophomore year. With each joint degree dental program focusing on different applicant attributes, it is critical to know which strengths will enhance an applicant’s chance of admission in order for you to focus on them. Our consultants are expert in guiding students and parents, identifying these strengths and building the foundation for a successful application. Once we have achieved this we drive the process forward with a personal consultant to oversee throughout and guide the whole process to a successful acceptance using a detailed and systematic approach.


Our admissions experts are graduates of joint degree dental programs themselves or are former members of an admissions committee. Application Prep consultants are highly qualified to help you maximize your chance of admission by reviewing your applications and essays as well as preparing you for the highly challenging interview process.

Application Prep offers a range of services including strategy sessions to plan your admissions pathway. Our approach utilizes essay brainstorming, review sessions and specialized interview preparation geared toward providing you the practice you need to answer both simple and complex dental school interview questions. This is all further supported by application guidance sessions in which our consultants help you phrase each short answer correctly and list activities and accomplishments in order to optimize your competitiveness against other applicants. There is no doubt – you are in a very competitive arena but you can stride ahead of the competition with our help.

Several thousand high school students are seeking admission to integrated programs – Application Prep can assist you in being one of the few students who is accepted to these highly competitive programs.

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