Application Prep is the world’s premier admissions consulting company specifically designed to deliver high quality admissions strategy, provide a scientific analysis of an applicant’s chance of admission using our internal tracking database, and coordinate a holistic approach to the admissions process including refinement of not only the written application, but also extensive preparation for the intense interview process.

One Strategy, Expert Advice - Application Prep – Apply the Right Way


Application Prep was founded with the applicant in mind. Our goal is to provide applicants to professional schools an opportunity to simplify the complex admissions process.

Given the competitive nature of admissions in these trying times, applicants need more than good scores, leadership experience, community service, research involvement, and a proven commitment to their career. Applicants must present themselves in the best possible light and articulate their interest in each school better than their peer applicants.

Application Prep teaches you how to approach the process, implement a proven strategy and gain admission to the school of your choice. Let Application Prep maximize your chance of admission. Apply the Right Way.