Dental Education Program Information


Understanding the differences among dental schools and their various curriculum formats is key to achieving admission. Successful dental school applicants are those who approach the admissions process systematically.

For 2009-2010, over 12,000 people applied to dental school in the United States and Canada with a first year enrollment rate of approximately 42% (Source: ADA). With dental school admissions becoming increasingly competitive, the importance of properly preparing your application cannot be overstated. Whether you are seeking admission to a top ten school or to a specialized program at a well-respected dental school, Application Prep can help you position your attributes in a way that optimizes your application. Application Prep admissions experts are graduates of dental schools themselves or are former members of an admissions committee. Application Prep consultants are highly qualified to help you maximize your chance of admission by reviewing your applications, helping to write your essays and preparing you for challenging interviews. Application Prep offers a wide range of services including strategy sessions to plot out your admissions pathway, essay brainstorming and review sessions, interview preparation geared toward providing you the practice you need to answer both simple and complex dental school interview questions, and application guidance sessions in which our consultants help you phrase each short answer correctly and list activities and accomplishments in order to optimize your competitiveness against other applicants.

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